3 Problem Solving Skills Every Investment Banking Professional Should Possess

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Every investment banking professional will need to have problem solving skills in order to effectively do their job. Good problems solving skills can be the difference between being successful and failing in your career.  In investment banking, these skills can be vital to your success and climbing the professional ladder. Here are some problem solving skills every investment banking professional should possess.

  1. Critical Thinking Skills – Critical thinking skills are the most important problem solving skills a investment banking professional can possess. Critical thinking skills are those skills that allow investment banking professionals to see the intricate details of a problem unemotionally and then turn the problem into an opportunity – an opportunity to improve, learn, or earn.
  2. People Skills – With no people skills, investment banking professionals will not go far in problem solving or in their job overall for that matter.  In addition to simply understanding and relating to people, in order to be a good problem solver, investment banking professionals must understand how to think with a team, not just make a one sided decision when solving problems. Understanding teamwork and utilizing the strengths of team members can help every investment banking professional be an effective problem solver.
  3. Decisiveness – In order to efficiently solve problems, investment banking professionals need to be decisive. Once you have analyzed the problem and contemplated prospective solutions, you must be able to select a solution and then implement it without being “flighty” or changing your mind.  You must be able to make a solution quickly and implement it quickly in order to keep additional problems from forming.

Developing and using these problem solving skills is critical to effective problem solving in investment banking. If you have these problem solving skills, you are in good shape and simply need to remember to implement them when necessary. However, if you do not have any or all of these problem solving skills, you should work on developing them to ensure you can be the best at problem solving within your job.

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