3 Things to Do on LinkedIn Today to Improve Your Investment Banking Career

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LinkedIn is one of the most active online communities for professionals and is a great resource for investment banking professionals.  As a professional in the investment banking community, whether you are new to the profession or been around for a while, utilizing LinkedIn can be helpful to your career.  Here are three things you can do today to increase your visibility on LinkedIn and boost your investment banking career.

  1. Make connections.  Find three companies you would like to work for or would like to network with and follow them on LinkedIn.  Find a human resource person or investment banking professional working for the company and add them to your network or send them a message.  Review people you may know, classmates, and colleagues.  You can find people through “add connections” from the “navigation contacts” menu.
  2. Endorse the skills of someone you know.  Active involvement in the LinkedIn community is a two-way street. You need to view the profiles of those you are interested in and then add skills you can endorse.  A good way to be active is to add skills to your profile as well as endorse skills of coworkers and friends that you know.
  3. Join a group.  Join an applicable investment banking group and PARTICIPATE in discussions at least once a week. Visit the “group” tab on the navigation menu.  Choose an appropriate group to your investment banking goals and then share relevant and rich content and remarks. You need more than “great point” or “nice share” to participate in the discussion, you want to really discuss the topic.

By doing these three things, though you can do many others, you can increase your visibility on LinkedIn and continue to establish your investment banking LinkedIn profile.  With over 100 million professional LinkedIn users, increasing your visibility on LinkedIn can be a great move for any investment banking professional.

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