Questions You Can Ask in Your Investment Banking Interview

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When preparing for an interview, it is important to research the company and know something about them before you go to the interview. In addition, you will want to have some interview questions ready to ask for when you are asked if you have any questions. Having some questions ready makes you appear engaged in the interview and interested in the job.

One type of question that is good to ask is about the investment banking company itself.  For instance, you may want to ask how long they have been in business or something about their top service or product.  This shows that you know something about the company and what they do and are interested in the company.

You may also want to ask about growth for the company and for the employees. You can ask if the investment banking company has grown or sees itself expanding in the near future. You can also ask about whether it is possible to move up in the company.  These types of questions show you are interested in the job long term and are hoping to stay with the company if you are hired.

Lastly, asking about the job you are interviewing for is important.  You can ask questions such as how many people presently work in the department or what types of project are currently being worked on.  Seeming interested in the job at hand is important when doing any investment banking interview.

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